That Mitchell & Lawson chat

March 15th, 2011 by Dan

Mark Lawson Talks to David Mitchell is on BBC Four next Tuesday (22nd March) at 10pm. The title says it all but here’s the blurb from the Radio Times:

Mark Lawson Talks to David Mitchell

Tuesday 22 March
10:00pm – 11:00pm

The comedian tells Mark Lawson about his life and work. He traces his progress from imitating newsreaders as a child to the award-winning success of That Mitchell and Webb Show, and Peep Show. He also talks about how he met his comic partner Robert Webb at a Footlights audition in Cambridge and why he has remained loyal to TV.

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One Response to “That Mitchell & Lawson chat”

  1. Kit10nDublin Says:

    It was a fairly usual, not very exciting or entertaining, interview. Maybe this is a result of being aware of some of DM’s career and work but I don’t think so – it was very bog standard. There weren’t many laughs, unfortunately. Not anyone’s fault, as such, just it was ‘just so’. Though the family photos were great! I hope DM’s parents provided them in order to embarrass him as much as possible. In a nice way…