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That Mitchell & Lawson chat

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Mark Lawson Talks to David Mitchell is on BBC Four next Tuesday (22nd March) at 10pm. The title says it all but here’s the blurb from the Radio Times:

Mark Lawson Talks to David Mitchell

Tuesday 22 March
10:00pm – 11:00pm

The comedian tells Mark Lawson about his life and work. He traces his progress from imitating newsreaders as a child to the award-winning success of That Mitchell and Webb Show, and Peep Show. He also talks about how he met his comic partner Robert Webb at a Footlights audition in Cambridge and why he has remained loyal to TV.


Sunday, December 19th, 2010

The Guardian / Observer have published their Questions For David Mitchell thing today and it’s rather good. It’s all here on this link but here are some previews:

You’ve been pretty successful – are you surprised you haven’t been taken down by the naysayers? Ben Horton, south London

Now there’s the internet, everyone has been shot down in flames. I’m not too proud to self-Google every so often, and I don’t always like what I read. I read in the Mail that Peter Hitchens had referred to me as a “so-called comedian”. That particularly annoyed me, because it doesn’t work. He can disagree with whether I’m funny. But I just am a comedian! You might as well say “so-called dentist”.

What kind of process do you and Robert Webb use when you are writing a sketch for your television show? Do you have a method or is it just comedic chaos? Stephen Clarke, Nanjing

The ideas come out of group meetings with other writers, or pub sessions. You never sit down at a computer unless you know what sketch you’re going to write, because that’s when the blank page is terrifying. That’s the extent of the method.

“… actually she’s a bit of a div who thinks Alain de Botton is good.”

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

It’s Peep Show press season (unsurprisingly) and The Guardian had a nice piece this weekend.

It’s a Q&A type thing involving Armstrong, Bain, Mitchell & Webb and includes the following things:

“He’d definitely have voted for Labour in ’97. But, had he been able to vote, he would have voted Tory in ’87 and ’83. He’s a reed in the wind, so it might have been Lib Dem. And now he feels guilty.”

“You gave him a brilliant moment last series where it occurred to him for the first time that he might be in the 99% of deluded idiots who are not going to make it rather than the 1% of brilliant people who are.”

That link, again:

Episode 1 of series 7 in on that 4OD thing but as we are old fashioned and think a catch-up service should be for exactly that sort of thing and not premieres we’re not talking about it. Apart from this bit and the link to a thing where someone else thinks the same.

That Breakfast Look

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Rob & David were on BBC Breakfast this morning to plug Look D so here’s a clicky link.

More publicity for Look D

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

“We kept being told early on: ‘It’s all very well trying to do a sketch show but you have to have a unifying theme to hang it on.’ We kept coming back with the idea that every sketch would contain at least one of David and Rob. Finally people understood what we were after – variety.”

A new Telegraph article (link here) has some nice stuff from the Pinewood sessions in February but also some spoilers for the new sketches. One of our favourite ones from the recordings has had its punchline mentioned several times now in the publicity… bah.

One Last Thing (but not literally)

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

“Well hello, it is I, the 88th sexiest man in the world and you, yes you, you lucky bitch, get to carve me some ham.”

Rob is this week’s One Last Thing person in The Guardian today.

The final animation and the first round of Look D interviews…

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

The final animation is up on the BBC Comedy site and therefore also here:

It’s written by Jonathan Dryden Taylor! Yay! Not a DVD extra sketch this time for him, which is nice. He also gets a mention in the radio interview further down this post.

Geek fact: This sketch first appeared at the warm up night for Look 4 at The Drill Hall last November.

Other things:

Rob and Dave are doing the promotional rounds and were on  Radio One today (does that still exist? Showing my age) and This Morning (ditto). If I find a clip I’ll post it but the radio interview is on the iPlayer along with what looks like the whole programme. Hint: go to about 41 minutes in…

Also: Rob recorded the pilot of World Wide Robert last week. I wasn’t there but I know a lady who was and she told me this:

Recording was good. Bit rough round the edges but it was basically a bit like Tarrant on TV and It’ll be Alright On the Night but with internet stuff instead. Rob had his name in big letters, a bit like Reeves and Mortimer but on a smaller scale. Talked about the various topics of discussion of the week, made jokes, showed you tube footage and even had a big button to press to stop the internet if it got disgusting. He used it once when Kerry Katona was mentioned. It’s not being shown on tv, it could be comissioned but it needs a bit more work. He was quite a good host, very funny.

Update! Found the This Morning interview but only as a link: here.

Those Peep Show interviews

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

“In American sitcoms, the underlying attitude is, ‘everything’s OK’. In British sitcoms, the underlying attitude is, ‘everything’s maudlin and disappointing and inescapable’. That’s the world view of a civilisation that has been knocked off the top spot and continues to meander. I imagine American sitcoms will have a lot less hugging and learning in a hundred years’ time.”

Nice interview in The Independent today.

Also one in The Guardian:

“Well, I’m more of, an, erm sequencer. I, erm, bongo. Look I can bongo!”

That Digital Spy Peep Show Interview

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Digital Spy has a little interview about Peep Show coming back in a week’s time so here it is:

David Mitchell, Robert Webb (‘Peep Show’)
Friday, September 11 2009, 11:15 BST
By Dan French, TV Reporter

With a pair of CVs covering the likes of Peep Show, Magicians and That Mitchell And Webb Look, David Mitchell and Robert Webb have officially cemented themselves as comedy connoisseurs. But with Peep Show series six now upon us – and with a seventh already on the way – are they getting tired of Mark and Jez? And how much longer can the show go on? We caught up with the chaps themselves to find out.

What can we expect from the new series?
David: “It’s difficult because there are one or two key plot points on which various episodes hang, which are secret because they’d spoil it if you know about them in advance. So it’s harder to talk about than usual! Mark and Jeremy are in emotional pain – as ever – and they have various schemes of escape. They hold a party together which is a success in a social gathering, but a failure in their aims. There’s a point where Mark is contemplating his own business, Jeremy has his own love interest, and Mark tries to learn to drive.”
Robert: “It’s the usual catalogue of disasters! Jeremy has a new girlfriend called Elena who he goes absolutely crazy about, like he’s never been in love before. And that doesn’t go at all smoothly. And we find out who the father of Sophie’s baby is…”

Does the story pick up from where series five left off?
David: “It does, yes. The big question of the paternity of Sophie’s baby is hanging over them as we start the series. The story will be resolved.”

What sort of fathers would Mark and Jez make?
David: “I think in different ways, utterly incompetent ones! Mark would be beautiful in a judgemental, oppressive, controlling and disappointing way as his father was to him. I think Jeremy would be easy and free and open and an absentee.”

Who would be the best man for the job?
David: “I’ll go with Mark, but that’s out of loyalty to my character.”
Robert: “Jeremy would be fundamentally worse because he would forget that he has a baby, or he would put it on a radiator. And if it’s Mark, he’s gonna spend his whole life worrying. It’s funny – in the early episodes, Jeremy keeps referring to it as ‘our baby’. He spots Sophie drinking what he thinks is a glass of wine and he says to Mark, ‘That can’t be good for our baby!’ There’s lot of fun to be had.”

Does Johnson play a part in this series?
David: “Johnson is back, yes. I can’t say, but I’ll tell you what – he’s got a beard. By that, I mean he’s got an actual growth on his face, not some sort of wife to hide his homosexuality.”

Have you thought about storylines for series seven yet?
David: “That’s largely Sam and Jesse’s [Bain and Armstrong, creators] job. They get us in to have a chat and airily throw ideas around and then don’t have to cope with the plot consequences! I think they have some thoughts in mind for series seven. I think we were quite pleased to be able to write series six knowing that it was carrying on.”

Do you expect an eighth series to go ahead?
David: “I don’t know. There’s been some talk of it. I think it’s in the hands of Sam, Jesse and Channel 4. I think Rob and I will carry on doing the show as long as we can but Sam and Jesse have got other writing things and Peep Show takes most of their year up when it happens. I don’t know – there may well be more, but I don’t think there’ll be an eighth series hot on the heels of the seventh. I think there’ll be a hiatus. Or at least a sabbatical.”
Robert: “Potentially, if we were all happy, it could go on indefinitely. It gets worse for them as they get older. They get more and more desperate and unhappy. It’s not good for them, but it’s good for comedy.”

After so many series, is there a risk that the show may become stale?
David: “I really feel that the sixth series is as good as any. Obviously we’re terrified of it becoming stale but I think so far that terror has been averted.”
Robert: “Sam and Jesse work incredibly hard to make sure the show is in order. I think it just gets better every time. We’re all delighted.”

Can we expect a new series of That Mitchell And Webb Look?
David: “Yes, we’ll be shooting a new series of that in the new year. So it’ll be out any time from next spring.”

David, you received huge recognition at the Baftas this year. Why do you think Rob wasn’t put forward?
David: “I don’t know. I don’t think it was fair. But I won’t pretend that I’m not glad it was that way around. I won’t say I wasn’t pleased to get a gong.”

Peep Show returns Friday, September 18 at 10pm on Channel 4.

That Reader’s Digest Interview

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Someone of the forum found a great new interview at Reader’s Digest of all places…


Nice picture too.