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Numberwang contestants update

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

More on people who are niehter Mitchell nor Webb but both played Numberwang:

Olivia Colman’s been interviewed at Bleeding Cool about her film work (and she mentions a new series of Rev): well worth a read.

Paterson Joseph does an American accent and goes a bit manic in Earth Aid which is the latest Doctor Who Lost Stories CD/download from Big Finish, and it’s very interesting for the hardcore Who geeks as it’s part of a series based upon what amounts to a couple of post-it notes worth of ideas for the series that would have been made in 1990 if it hadn’t been axed.


Twenty Twelve

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Yes, this blog is still alive….

Olivia Colman is in a new comedy that starts tomorrow on BBC Four which looks good:

Twenty Twelve website here.

Also coming soon or something: an intriguing recording that I know nothing about except this tweet:


Extra video: David in that bit from How TV Ruined Your Life the other day:

It didn’t ruin my lfe actually but I guess they needed a flimsy linking concept for the nice old clips.

New news

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Pauline Pepys’ Dowry is on Radio 4 on Tuesday at the super prime time of 23:00. Oops. It’s very funny though so I would ask your gran to press play and record at the same time on her radio cassette player for you. More information on how I liked the recording of it here, which includes facts like Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Rebekah Staton , Sharon Horgan, Katherine Parkinson and Tom Hollander from good funny things off the telly are all in it and it was produced by Gareth Edwards. I’m sure you can listen again for the first time at your leisure.

Rob did a new TV pilot last month called World Wide Robert which also involved some of the Mitchell & Webb Look (and Sound) writers. According to Digital Spy it is now called Robert’s Web and has been commissioned. Well they wouldn’t give it a name if they had chucked it in the bin. Four 30 minute episodes in  fact, reported alongside this quote: “Channel 4 have wanted to make this show for some time but Gary Internet is never available, so they’ve settled for me.” So there.

I should be doing the TM&L episode 4 sketch guide but haven’t got the writer credits yet. I’ve not abandoned it!

That Voice of God sketch animation & another religious themed item

Friday, June 25th, 2010

This week’s  animated sketch sounds familiar to me because it was performed as a potential sketch for series 4 (or D) of That Mitchell & Webb Look last November. It didn’t get turned into a TV sketch but hurrah for the animation skills of Some Grey Bloke who transformed this Mark Evans – penned sketch:

Talking of God and that, Olivia Colman is in a new BBC2 sitcom next week. Rev starts on Monday at 10pm and the rev in question is played by Tom Hollander, making his second Colman-related appearance on  this blog in under a week. There’s an interview with Olivia on the Digital Spy site. 

Another interview in The Observer which I just found while looking for publicity shots.

That Cheese Burying Sound

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We went to see the pilot of Pauline Pepys’s Dowry recorded for Radio 4 and luckily it was rather good and funny and that. I liked it so much I made an image for this blog post, blimey!

Bloody good cast certainly helped: Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Sharon Horgan (from the excellent and much missed Pulling), Katherine Parkinson (IT Crowd) , Tom Hollander (them films where he shows off a bit),  Rebekah Staton (Pulling, Doctor Who: Human Nature) and Dave Lamb (Channel 4 voice of sarcasm) and I swear some of it seemed written for the actors as it played to their strengths. I don’t know much about the production as when I Googled it I mostly found my previous blog entries and the now out of date BBC Tickets page but I know that it was produced by ‘TV’s Mr Fire Exits’ Gareth Edwards who added a description of the exit sign figure “running… calmly! to his repertoire along with some cheese-burying facts to get the audience whooping. It was written by Amy Shindler and Beth Chalmers (is she the same Beth Chalmers who is the new ‘lost’ Doctor Who companion for Big Finish? I hope so) who were tweaking a few lines during the recording and did a great job as I am a fussy git when it comes to liking radio sitcoms for some reason.

I don’t want to do big spoilers but the blurb from when tickets were available tells you what it is about, as if you hadn’t guesssed:

London, 1660. Meet Pauline Pepys, less famous sister of Samuel. Her love life is in tatters, her sister-in-law wants her to move out of the spare room, and her best friend is her worst enemy. Oh, and there’s a nasty spot of plague about. A new situation comedy about some age old problems.

It will go out in the Tuesday comedy slot on Radio 4 on 10th August, radio fans! I recommend a listen if you like Olivia Colman doing her crying noises (and faces for the radio), David Mitchell getting a bit miffed about something, Katherine Parkinson being bossy, Sharon Horgan being a bit naughty,  Rebekah Staton being funny and laughing at other people’s lines (not that you’ll be able to see that), Tom Hollander being oddly blond (film role?) and Dave Lamb doing a gay voice.

That Colman and Mitchell Radio Sitcom Pilot: forthcoming

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Going to the recording of this Radio 4 comedy in a week and a bit, will report back:

Pauline Pepys’ Dowry

Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Sharon Horgan, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Hollander and Rebekah Staton star in a new situation comedy by Amy Shindler and Beth Chalmers, produced by Gareth Edwards.

London, 1660. Meet Pauline Pepys, less famous sister of Samuel. Her love life is in tatters, her sister-in-law wants her to move out of the spare room, and her best friend is her worst enemy. Oh, and there’s a nasty spot of plague about.

A new situation comedy about some age old problems.

That Olivia Colman scary Look

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Wasn’t she fantastic on Doctor Who last night?

*SPOILERS* Do not watch the following clip/chunk if you have not already watched the episode, as you should have done. It’ll be on the iPlayer and the usual places:

Those performances…

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Right, here are some who-is-doing-what-where-when updates:

David Mitchell is recording an Unbelievable Truth at The Shaw Theatre in London on 3rd December but I am at a conference and will also be hungover from a Christmas party but free tickets were on the BBC Tickets site when I blogged this…

Olivia Colman is appearing in England People Very Nice at The Olivier Theatre next February through to April but that’s one you have to pay real money to see…

Armstrong & Bain’s new sitcom The Old Guys is being recorded in Scotland (remember this?) but tickets have all gone and I don’t live in Scotland anyway…

That Olivia Colman return interview

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

From The Times September 27, 2008

Olivia Colman: from Peep Show to Beautiful People
Olivia Colman moves from Peep Show to play mum in the mildly potty Beautiful People. Our correspondent gets acquainted
Bruce Dessau
It is not your average household. Mum and dad sit on the sofa drinking hooch like it is an Olympic event. Their two teenage children bicker for England. Then there is blind Aunty Hayley in the corner, all Chaka Khan hair and sludgy brown cardigan. Oh, and there are cameras all over the lounge.

No, this is not a new reality TV show, this is Shepperton Studios where the bizarre song, dance and fantasy “comic memoir” Beautiful People is being filmed. The story is based on the best-selling autobiography of Simon Doonan, who grew up in boring Reading (sorry, Reading) dreaming of glamorous city life. There are echoes of Hanif Kureishi’s Buddha of Suburbia in the yearning for escape, a flicker of The Naked Civil Servant in terms of sexuality, while the sight of happy, hoofing schoolkids hints at Billy Elliot.

For Doonan the dream came true. Another book, Confessions of a Window Dresser, has been optioned by Madonna, and he has not given up the day job he yearned for in his grey bedroom. Doonan is creative director of New York department store, Barneys, and each episode of Beautiful People – scripted by Jonathan Gimme Gimme Gimme Harvey – kicks off in modern Manhattan before flashing back to Simon’s semidetached childhood.

While Meera Syal does her share of upstaging as Aunty Hayley and Luke Ward-Wilkinson impresses as young Simon, the series is most notable for Olivia Colman’s breakthrough role as loud, proud mum Debbie. Comedy buffs who know Colman as Sophie from the C4 sitcom Peep Show should brace themselves. While Sophie was bland, brown-haired and passive, Debbie is an in-your-face blonde in 24/7 tight skirt and high heels.

“Can you make sure everyone knows that my hair extensions are supposed to be bad,” Colman explains over a catering-bus lunch. The original book was set in the late Fifties/early Sixties. Here the action is set in the late Nineties but Debbie retains a retro look. “She married young, decided what her look was and is sticking with it. Simon’s mum had a pinned-up Hollywood hairstyle throughout her life. We’ve been loyal to her memory but gone for something more Parisian Left Bank.” Well, Left Bank-meets-Berkshire-High-Street anyway.

For the down-to-earth 34-year-old, taking the role was an easy choice. Colman adores Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb, but there was a niggle that she was becoming too closely associated with them, teaming up with them on various projects and generally becoming their go-to name whenever they wanted a funny woman.

This year she took stock and she will not be in their next BBC series: “My agent suggested I should be open to more different things. There were tears when that decision was taken.” Peep Show-philes can relax. She will return after the last run ended on a cliff-hanger, with Sophie pregnant. “I’ll always find time for Peep Show,” she smiles, as writer Jonathan Harvey says scurrilous things about Liza Minnelli behind us.

Her relationship with Mitchell and Webb dates back to Cambridge, though she wants to put the record straight. People have assumed she was a Bright Young Thing; the truth is cloudier. Her family comes from Norfolk where “granddad was a postman called Pat” and her parents “did up houses”. She went to teacher training college in Cambridge and joined Footlights, but after one term dropped out and never handed her Footlights membership card back. “I was actually working as a cleaning lady when I met David and Robert.”

Eventually she went to study drama at Bristol Old Vic before reuniting with the duo. There was never any offstage romance. “I was slightly in love with both of them, but nothing ever happened”, probably because she had met her future husband, the aspiring writer Ed, by then. They currently live in South London with their two small sons and have a very non-celeb lifestyle.

Her career is certainly taking off. Last year Colman worked with Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine on the cult film short, Le Donk, in which Considine played a hapless roadie and she was his long-suffering wife. She is now due to star in a serious spin-off written/directed by Considine. “I’m beaten and raped by my husband and finally I retaliate. It’s really exciting.” On the lighter side is an ITV comedy, Mr Eleven, due to go out in 2009, in which Colman plays Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan’s geeky sister.

There have, however, been less fulfilling projects. In 2006 she co-starred with Robert Webb in the British rom-com Confetti. They played naturists, which meant appearing nude. Colman has previously said that this was the “worst experience of her life” and does not want to talk about it, except to say that it was a “steep learning curve”. Since then she has been more cautious about scripts.

Beautiful People, by contrast, is clearly a happy shoot. The cast bonded when Colman arranged for a mobile blood donor unit to visit the set. A friend recently had leukaemia and, following a bone marrow transplant, is now recovering. Colman is a passionate proselytiser, persuading everyone to register: “It takes a minute and can save a life.”

One thing has been puzzling me all day though. How come Hayley is the family auntie and yet is clearly of Asian descent? Meera Syal pops into the catering bus for dessert and sheds some light. “Debbie was working as a barmaid and met Hayley when she was drunk and brought her home and adopted her. I relate to that because we had all sorts of aunties and uncles in our house when we were growing up.”

And that may explain the appeal of this clan that puts the Gallaghers in Shamelessin the shade. The Doonans might appear dysfunctional, but they are probably no more eccentric than any other domestic set-up. Just because you do not burst into Broadway tunes like Simon or have boxing matches in the street like Debbie does not make you any more normal. Maybe the Doonans are an average household after all.

Beautiful People, Thur, BBC Two, 9.30pm

That Olivia Colman return

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Olivia Colman is back on the telly (apart from when her voice appears in adverts involving snack products called Jack and things to wipe your bum with that dogs find strangely attractive) on Thursday when Jonatahan Harvey’s new comedy Beautiful People begins on BBC2 at 9:30. As it’s by Harvey (although based on a book by not-Harvey) there will surely be gays and brassy women, and it’s directed by The Smoking Room director Gareth Carrivick. Her character Debbie Doonan is described as “a bottle-blonde barmaid in killer heels. Warm matriarch, forthright in her opinions to the point of foot in mouth. Would do anything for her family. Ever glamorous, Debbie likes a laugh and a drink. Allows her children to be whoever they want to be. Strong, loving, protective and funny. Doesn’t look before she leaps. Has a great right hook.” Hmm…


She’s also back on the radio at 11 that very same night in a new series of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which you might like if you’re a Douglas Adams fan or just want to hear the voice of Doctor Who 5.0 Peter Davison. It’s on Radio 4 as if you couldn’t work that out for yourselves…