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Numberwang contestants update

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

More on people who are niehter Mitchell nor Webb but both played Numberwang:

Olivia Colman’s been interviewed at Bleeding Cool about her film work (and she mentions a new series of Rev): well worth a read.

Paterson Joseph does an American accent and goes a bit manic in Earth Aid which is the latest Doctor Who Lost Stories CD/download from Big Finish, and it’s very interesting for the hardcore Who geeks as it’s part of a series based upon what amounts to a couple of post-it notes worth of ideas for the series that would have been made in 1990 if it hadn’t been axed.


Those Mitchell And Webb stars

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Stuff coming up on the teevee of interest:
Paterson Joseph
Tonight (Saturday) sees Paterson Joseph in the new reworking by Steven Moffat of a certain classic: Jekyll is at at 9pm on BBC1, followed by David Mitchell in yet another panel show about truth and lies: Would I Lie To You? Then on ITV on Monday at 9pm Olivia Colman is in the drama serial Time Of Your Life. It’s on ITV but I might watch it as it’s Olivia.