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That Showreel Theme Tune (alt version)

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

There’s an earlier version of the That Mitchell & Webb Look theme (which I prefer to the ‘proper’ version) in this showreel from Richie Webb and Matt Katz:

Well that was nice, wasn’t it?

Bleak Old Shop of Stuff: coming soon

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The Bleak  Old Shop of Stuff is currently filming and getting a bit of attention online. Nice piece by Aaron (hello!) at The British Comedy Guide here which tells us that there are four episodes, one of which is an hour long launch special for Christmas Eve, and it’s pretty much Torchwood to Bleak Expectations’ Doctor Who. Bad comparison from me but I am a geek and maybe I should just explain that it’s set in the radio show’s ‘universe’ but with different characters.  It’s written by the familiar (to this blog) Mark Evans, produced by That Producer Gareth Edwards, directed by That Director Ben Gosling-Fuller and stars the also familiar Robert Webb and Katherine Parkinson with appearances from the not-remotely-unknown David Mitchell, Sarah Hadland, The Actor Kevin Eldon and Celia Imrie. Radio Times did a piece too and added a Webb quote: “I’m really looking forward to working with my all-time hero David Mitchell. Apparently Stephen Fry is in it too, which is nice.”

The BBC Comedy Blog has a behind the scenes article which is very nice, and includes this image:

There is also this phrase: “Urchins are scampering about.”

Are you tempted yet?

How about some of James Bachman’s on-set imagery from Twitter?

Looking good.

Head 3

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Sorry, I’ve Got No Head…. no, I have a head, the sketch show with that name is back on the telly and the iPlayer this week. Well worth a watch due to the talent involved and it gets mentioned on this blog because of the Bachman, Evans, Davies, Reddy  and Burdess link. It also appears to have gained the writing credits of Hazeley and Morris according to the British Comedy Guide site so almost a full set of Those Mitchell & Webb writers.

This week’s episode is available on this very link for the next three months. Handy!

Classic clips:

Infinite Peep?

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Well blimey and all that as Peep Show series 8 and 9 are apparently go! Well not going yet but planned. From Digital Spy:

Channel 4 has confirmed that it has recommissioned Peep Show for two more series. A report yesterday first claimed that an eighth and ninth series of David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s comedy had been ordered despite poor ratings for current episodes. A Channel 4 spokesperson told Broadcast that it was too early to confirm any additional details.

Also in Peep Show news: the episode scheduled for a week’s time aka Christmas Eve will be part of a  theme night which included a new documentary (yay!) and a load of old repeats (well people love the show).

Random photos from series 2 that I may not have used before:

“… actually she’s a bit of a div who thinks Alain de Botton is good.”

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

It’s Peep Show press season (unsurprisingly) and The Guardian had a nice piece this weekend.

It’s a Q&A type thing involving Armstrong, Bain, Mitchell & Webb and includes the following things:

“He’d definitely have voted for Labour in ’97. But, had he been able to vote, he would have voted Tory in ’87 and ’83. He’s a reed in the wind, so it might have been Lib Dem. And now he feels guilty.”

“You gave him a brilliant moment last series where it occurred to him for the first time that he might be in the 99% of deluded idiots who are not going to make it rather than the 1% of brilliant people who are.”

That link, again:

Episode 1 of series 7 in on that 4OD thing but as we are old fashioned and think a catch-up service should be for exactly that sort of thing and not premieres we’re not talking about it. Apart from this bit and the link to a thing where someone else thinks the same.

Those new promo photos

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

They’ve done some fancy promo images for Peep Show 7:

I am sure no photoshop technical gubbins was used there.

On Friday after next (26th November) in the 10pm Channel 4 slot. Cunningly, the powers that be have scheduled the first of  four episodes of Robert’s Web straight after it.

Not quite as freaky as the new Jeremy photo

That Peep Show Return Blurb

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We already know that Peep Show 7 starts on  26th November but there is now a blurb on the channel 4 site which is also just below this line of text:

Coming soon to Channel 4, Peep Show returns for a seventh series. Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb the series follows the increasingly complicated lives of aging flatmates and best buddies Mark and Jeremy.

Mark has become a father. Burdened with a new and frightening responsibility, he finds that he can’t get a decent job and is forced to continue to work as a waiter. Worried about his relationship with his baby, Ian; worried that he’ll spend the rest of his days as a waiter; worried about his commitment to Ian’s mother, Sophie; and worried that he’s losing love interest Dobby to his rival Gerrard, Mark experiences his ‘darkest hour’.

Jeremy, on the other hand, stumbles upon a new and exciting source of income, power and responsibility. Miraculously walking away from the wreckage of his affair with Elena, Jeremy also meets a new love interest. But just as his life is looking up, he discovers that his new situation comes with complex strings attached.

This six part series follows Mark and Jeremy from the birth of Mark’s baby to ‘little Ian’s’ christening. We also meet Mark’s parents for the first time as the boys attempt to celebrate a traditional family Christmas. And a disastrous New Year’s Eve party crawl culminates with Mark and Jeremy facing choices that could end their friendship – forever.

Random Isy Suttie picture, why not?

That Look 4 DVD date

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The DVD for Look 4 is apparently coming out on 4th October:

As seems to be the tradition, it’s on a different DVD label again (back to Freemantle like series 2) but keeps the same design.

Information revealed so far: there are two discs and the box leads us to believe that there will be over an hour of bonus features.

That Peep Show return date

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

From Rob’s Twitter:

Peep Show 7 filming

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Can it really be the 7th series of Peep Show? Yes it can as they have done 6 before. Various photographs are on Twitter via the talented writers @jessearmstrong1 and @sambaintv and the pre-publicity  interviews have started…

“This series was actually relatively easy in that sense, because we knew we had three episodes that we wanted to do. The first one is the birth of the child – that’s a given. And then the scheduling was very fortuitous – the last episodes are going out at Christmas and New Year, so it gave us the obvious options of doing a Christmas and a New Year’s episode. So half the series was taken care of.”

“I was working at a video shop, and apprehended a burglar and sat on him.”

This one is from the official Channel 4 site. Click  the link for the whole thing.