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Head 3

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Sorry, I’ve Got No Head…. no, I have a head, the sketch show with that name is back on the telly and the iPlayer this week. Well worth a watch due to the talent involved and it gets mentioned on this blog because of the Bachman, Evans, Davies, Reddy  and Burdess link. It also appears to have gained the writing credits of Hazeley and Morris according to the British Comedy Guide site so almost a full set of Those Mitchell & Webb writers.

This week’s episode is available on this very link for the next three months. Handy!

Classic clips:

The event is back and this time it’s animated

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Another new animation has appeared:

This one was written by the marvellous Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris and animated by Alex Morris, in case you were wondering.

That £279.99 List

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Remember this?
I have acquired the original list of items planned for this sketch so thought it would be polite to share:

Luxil Non-Bio
Vivaldi Embalancing Bleach
Ms Mimsy
Feminoids (pack of 23)
Cassandra Lemon-infused Comfort Mattress
Xancilex (strap: ‘kicks pain to death’)
Discreet Fruit Of The Jungle Moistened Wilmas
St Tabitha’s Essence (in a Holland and Barrett-style bottle)
Harmonieve Secret Pot Pourri Bumspray
Absorbent Janets (with sunburst effect and orange strap: ‘Lunchtime Flow’)
Apricot Deforestation Strips
Debussy Rien de Wrinkles
Poppylet Envivelising Flannels
Margaret! (vague box with jaunty logo and ‘NEW!’)

Not in all good shops now or never.