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John Finnemore and his Sketch Night needs no explanation

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

You might be interested to know that one of the better sketch writers* (and performers) of those Mitchell and Webb sketch series aka John Finnemore is doing another radio sketch show soon so is planning some practice things for people to come and laugh / titter / guffaw / tut at.

Details here but it’s basically in London on alternate Saturdays in June and July. As someone who attended ‘John Finnemore, Apparently’ ages ago I can recommend this.

*not that there are any bad ones of course.

Radio 4, Apparently (and Channel 4 too)

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Something we went to see made arrives in finished form quite soon. John Finnemore, Apparently is that sketch show that was recorded last month and is on Radio 4 on Monday, May 5, 2008 from 11:00pm – 11:30pm. Not a great slot but there’s the Listen Again For The First Time option if you have to be in bed at a sensible time. It looked like the material would make a very good half hour of guffaws so it’s officially recommended, and not just because he contributes sketches for Mitchell & Webb with their Sounds and Looks.

Talking of Mitchell & Webb (I like ampersands today) there’s something called Peep Show (sounds a bit blue) on Channel 4 tonight at 10:30. It’s the fifth series, apparently. Hmmm…
Any excuse to use that picture is a good excuse.

That John Finnemore ‘Sound’ pilot recording

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Future comedy radio recording that will appeal to fans of David & Rob… John Finnemore is a funny man, he’s written some funny stuff and has a funny blog which he sometimes remembers to update. I shall be taking the Internet Children and Real World Husband to see this and it should be good. Trust me on this.

From the BBC Tickets Page:

John Finnemore’s Sketch Show is a show, made up of sketches, written and performed by John Finnemore.It’s fair to say he’s put more effort into the sketches than the title. But that may help you decide whether or not you’d like it, because it points out the basic two questions:Do you like sketch shows; and do you think John Finnemore could write a good one?

The first of these, we can’t really help you with. We think sketch shows are great, but then we like porridge, and dislike tomatoes. Your mileage may vary. We can be more helpful with the second one, though.

John is very funny, and he’s written for The News Quiz; The Now Show; That Mitchell and Webb Sound and That Mitchell and Webb Look; The Armstrong and Miller Show, and Smack The Pony, among many others; so if you like most of those, you’re probably in the right ballpark for liking his stuff.

Also, as sketch shows go, it’s quite straight-forward. It’s not themed, there’s no linking device, it doesn’t all take place in the imagination of a sleep-deprived horse, and it’s definitely not made up of the same character saying exactly the same three things in a library, and then in a supermarket, and then in Rotterdam.

It’s just all the funniest things John could think of, following one after another pretty briskly for half an hour, and then stopping. You know what, we really think you’d like it. In fact, forget this even-handed business – you should definitely come. And you should give porridge another go as well. Maybe with honey.

Date of show: 4 April
Studio doors open: 7.30pm
Age Limit: Minimum age is 14
Venue: BBC Radio Theatre
Nearest tube: xford Circus
Maximum tickets per request: 6

Clickable linky thing to book tickets: Click!