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Bleak Old Shop of Stuff: coming soon

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The Bleak  Old Shop of Stuff is currently filming and getting a bit of attention online. Nice piece by Aaron (hello!) at The British Comedy Guide here which tells us that there are four episodes, one of which is an hour long launch special for Christmas Eve, and it’s pretty much Torchwood to Bleak Expectations’ Doctor Who. Bad comparison from me but I am a geek and maybe I should just explain that it’s set in the radio show’s ‘universe’ but with different characters.  It’s written by the familiar (to this blog) Mark Evans, produced by That Producer Gareth Edwards, directed by That Director Ben Gosling-Fuller and stars the also familiar Robert Webb and Katherine Parkinson with appearances from the not-remotely-unknown David Mitchell, Sarah Hadland, The Actor Kevin Eldon and Celia Imrie. Radio Times did a piece too and added a Webb quote: “I’m really looking forward to working with my all-time hero David Mitchell. Apparently Stephen Fry is in it too, which is nice.”

The BBC Comedy Blog has a behind the scenes article which is very nice, and includes this image:

There is also this phrase: “Urchins are scampering about.”

Are you tempted yet?

How about some of James Bachman’s on-set imagery from Twitter?

Looking good.

Head 3

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Sorry, I’ve Got No Head…. no, I have a head, the sketch show with that name is back on the telly and the iPlayer this week. Well worth a watch due to the talent involved and it gets mentioned on this blog because of the Bachman, Evans, Davies, Reddy  and Burdess link. It also appears to have gained the writing credits of Hazeley and Morris according to the British Comedy Guide site so almost a full set of Those Mitchell & Webb writers.

This week’s episode is available on this very link for the next three months. Handy!

Classic clips:

Zoom! (return to The Drill Hall)

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

After pottering round the house all morning and some of the afternoon (spent watching Sea Devils emerge from the sea and squawk at landmines while The Doctor eats all the sandwiches) it was time to go to London. Again. This time was in the car and not on the tube, which was nice, and it didn’t take as much time too. Marvellous! After parking and buying a panini we wandered to The Drill Hall (yay!) to lurk around outside with other rebrobates before they opened the doors, or so we thought. As we were on the guest list because I have the necessary connections from my Mitchell And Webb fansite-ing (thank you James Bachman) we had guaranteed seats but still wanted to get there early to enjoy the Drill Hall Experience. We actually mean this, no sarcasm intended, and we love the slightly fizzy drinks, the rubbish music (Janet Jackson instead of the usual Five Star, still acceptable) and free gay papers. It beats the BBC Radio Theatre hands down for these special treats and Cheryl in particular was pleased to be there.
Cheryl in foyer

As we were on a list that wasn’t yet in the hands of the man who ticks the list off when the people on it appear we had to lurk in the foyer for a while and admire the posters, which I sneaked another look at on the way out and had to appear in a photo with. We lurked outside while the people with tickets all went in and Cheryl decided she needed a drink and sulked like a child, but only slightly so. We were eventually let in and relieved to find the place hadn’t changed all that much even though they had bought new tables and put nice pictures on the walls: It was still uncomfortably sweaty in there! Hurrah!

After a drink and a mooch about and finding the third of my ‘+3′ people we all went into the theatre and sat in the bit near the back, trying not to point at people we recognised and failing ever so slightly. David Mitchell looked like he was enjoying himself and Frank Skinner certainly did as he was very nearby and had a loud laugh. The show starred (and was written by) James Bachman and Mark Evans, with acting also done by David ‘David Soul’ Soul as their slightly mental but nice neighbour who knows too much about ways to kill people, Carla ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ Mendonca as their evil neighbour who has a phobia of oompah music, Nicholas Parsons as Nicholas Parsons From Just A Minute, and Jon ‘Spitting Image’ Glover as everybody else. The sound effects woman, whose name I forgot, was also bloody marvellous and a joy to watch in the corner with all her noisy props around her. The show itself was just the perfect amount of silliness and cleverness and readers of this here blog will knopw that I do like a nice bit of silly comedy. I could spoil the plot but I shall not, saying only that it is about a man named James and a man named Mark who share a flat and have strange neighbours who are warlike in different ways. With a bad joke about tactics/ Tic-Tacs. It’s highly recommended and bound to get a series commissioned by the powers-that-be at Radio 4 because it made lots of people laugh a lot and that is the best way to judge a comedy’s success in my eyes. And ears.
Dan in foyer
(Un)expected odd face from me as usual. Sorry.

So keep an ear out for Zoom. I’ll mention it again anyway, as I will mention Jamie having a chat with his comedy hero Nicholas Parsons at the bar and our brief hello and well done with the very nice James Bachman who got us tickets in the first place. Bonus mention for Emma’s enormous handbag. Just what was in there?